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Corporate identity

誠  力  和  誠を以って和(輪)を成す成就の為には力が間を取り持つ誠  力  和  誠を以って和(輪)を成す成就の為には力が間を取り持つ

We aimed to work faithfully for our customers and we put value on mutually beneficial business relationships and connections in and outside of our company.
We always give the best effort coupled with honesty and integrity while keeping a harmonious relationship so we gain trust from our stakeholders.

Our ideal image

01. We make it a top priority to provide the highest customer satisfaction
and consequently realize reasonable profits though our business relationships.
We promise to be a professional company.
We always offer appropriate products, reasonable price and first delivery.
Especially in case of urgency, we can give a contribution.
02. We promise to offer the one and only solution.
We create and offer the one and only value based on each employee’s philosophy
during the course of performing each role and responsibility.

President message

President Hiroto OkawaPresident Hiroto Okawa

Since 1953, we have been doing business as special trading company dealing with various cables and accessories for sector of construction market.

No matter domestic and overseas, we go on under our ideal image based on credit capability from for more than half a century history.

We promise to be a professional company offering appropriate products, reasonable price and first delivery.Especially in case of urgency, we promise to give a contribution for customers who offer an advanced design , construction and distribution.

Thank you for your continuous business.

Company profile

Company name Okawa Electric Trade Ltd.
Head office
Established May 1953
Main business domestic trading, import/export, and overseas trading of cables
and accessories for construction.
Capital stock 24 million yen
Net sales 3,925 million yen as of April 2016
Ordinary profit 134 million yen as of April 2016
Employees 30
President Hiroto Okawa


    3-2-3,Temma,Kita-ku,Osaka ,Japan
    TEL: +81-6-6352-4123
    FAX: +81-6-6353-0094

Please contact us whenever you have questions.
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