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All for customer's satisfaction
All for customer's satisfaction

Our principal customers business is based on high quality of design , construction and distribution about electric facility. Their engineering technicians offer value-added for customers. Positioning of cables and accessories for customers are not only essential products but also proper costs.

On the other hand Cables price we offer mainly is calculated on the basis of electrolytic copper price.
This is based on international price of London Metal Exchange and exchange rate.

That’s why Cable price is greatly affected by balance of world copper supply and demand ,
speculation and currency exchange. Cable price is continuously changed.

Considering the characteristic of products
we promise to do following for becoming part of customer’s added value.

Three commitments


Be creditable company and human

We believe universal standard of ordering product has feature of essential , proper cost and volatility is creditable company and human.
We promise to do sincere effort based on credit capability from for more than half a century history.


Always offer an appropriate products,
reasonable price and first delivery.

For products and services customers needed we promise to offer an appropriate products, reasonable price and first delivery without customer’s time and effort.


Especially in case of urgency,
we can give a contribution.

In case of urgency like unexpected accident and change
of design we promise to give a contribution.

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